The alchemy of sound

On this dark night
as the scythe of the moon
cuts across
the star-canopied night
I sit and listen to poetry
yes, listen to, not read
as words crackle
and sizzle
off the tongues of poets
landing spark-streaked
on my heart
setting  on fire
the heaviness of ignorance
and grief
setting me free
to exult
to love

I wonder about
the power of language
the strange alchemy
that sound works
to transform
and how we are all
looking for one thing only
to find ourselves
now matter how many ways
we find
to delude ourselves
and how sound
can sometimes
show us the way
no matter if it is
the sound of a heartbeat
the buzz of bee’s wings
the sing-song of water
or the magnificent
arching curve of music
yes, sound can surely
take us into the silence
where all answers lie
where all paths lead to