The sure-fire life purpose

If I had the chance
I’d be a dessert spoon
the bringer of delight

tucking into delectation
every time

brain to hand
sending frantic messages
hurry hurry hurry

mouth closing in
tongue in rapture
lips in melting caress

transporting pleasure
every time

how could you go wrong
with a life purpose
such as that?

(written for the Bentlily prompt – write a poem about an appliance you love or love to be)

Rain cloud Mother


I felt it the moment
I let you go
bursting my birth sac

and you rushing headlong
to meet that other mother
that steadfast one

singing as you fell
racing each other

like little sperms intent
on meeting those seeds
waiting for your embrace

that sweetness of release
for I, the surrogate
had only held you for her


(written for the Bentlily prompt – Rain -from the perspective of the clouds)

Storm – haiku

in the aftermath
among the deadened rubble
little shoots spring forth


heart lacerated
night in the grip of a storm
ends in glorious morn


my muse brews a storm
of words, plot-lines, characters
a novel is born