All in white

White hot raging fury.
Age looks back at youth
memories pale and misty.Crisp white cotton sheets.
A lone white cloud
in the shape of your lips.

Black boots, white lace.
Clouds of white hair
around a wrinkled face.

In aqua sea, a white sail.
All in white people carry
a body without soul.

Swans in the sky, sailing.
endangered polar bears
hoping against hope, waiting.

Daisy chains in braids.
The full moon emerging
from the arms of clouds.Bright fluorescent light.
Tuberoses in clusters
serenading the night.

Two tiny baby teeth.
Thick layer of cream
sweet lassi underneath.

Starlight and angel-dust.
Bride’s white to widow’s white
a single death betwixt.

Crystal sugar jar.
A dove’s tentative flight
in a world of war.

White confetti rain.
Snowy autumn blooms
lie under snow slain.


(for the prompt ‘White)