I slide into the wormhole
of nothingness. Escaping
from the debris of actions,
shards of emotions and the
startling unexpectedness
of consequences. It’s the
bottom of a lake. Unmoving.
The surface, still. Undented.
Thundering clouds and
twittering birds fly across
its glassy eye. All-seeing.  
I wait. The sky looms, puckers
and fades, impotent and wasted.
I wait some more. Civilizations
rise with clamouring intensity.
And fall. And scatter.
Bare-boned and bleached white.
Sinking into the obliterating sands
of obscurity. Eons pass. I wait
no more. Time has tunneled
into a pinprick of silence.
Tiny and vast. Like a tree
that has collapsed into a seed
and then some more until
there remains only
a possibility.



C'mon, don't be a silent spectator ....

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