Spring sweetly sprung


Where did you come from,
green buds and tender leaves?
Were you in hiding
inside gnarled trunks
and crooked branches?
Such unlikely birthplaces.

Did you know that the tree
sat dreaming of you
through the long winter?
Baring its heart’s desires
to a sun hardly seen.

Flinging your thoughts
at the wandering wind.
Did you throb warm inside it
as it stood cold and grey
in the driving rain.
Holding on to hope.

And now,
speckled with spring sunshine
your tender faces
glistening with newborn niceness,
do you see it smile back
at the October sun
and show you off
to the laughing moon.

Do you hear it singing to the wind
its songs of gratitude.
Do you hear it calling out
to faraway bees
and to butterflies still in cocoon?

Did you know, oh tender shoots
and buds bursting into bloom
that you were once a thought
in the tree’s dreaming soul
that it called into being.

Just as everything else.

Green shoot1