Creative February 7 – The fruit of the earth

For today, a haibun.

One of the great joys of life for me is gardening. I have spent several happy hours this summer fussing over the flowers and planting and tending the veggie patch. Of course, weeding is painful, because democratically speaking, the weeds have as much right to grow as the veggies do, but it seems they like to overgrow and smother the rather more delicate domesticated plants. So, at the altar of self-survival, they have to be sacrificed. On the other hand, it is always with a sense of wonder that I watch the seeds put out shoots, then leaves, and grow and grow until flowers begin to appear among the masses of green.

nourished by water
and whisperings of earthworms
alchemy happens

And then the bees arrive. Busy little fellas. The elation I feel on the sight of all those flowers nodding in the breeze is further heightened by the buzz of tiny wings, flitting from bloom to bloom. Such a beautiful example of symbiosis. It fills me with awe, wonderful dance of the elements, this magical alchemy wherein the sunshine, rain and generous helpings of sheep pellets call forth life sleeping within seeds. What was once possibility slowly takes form and shape and literally bears fruit.

it must be love
that turns earth into fruits, like
the kisses of bees

Needless to say, my joy is complete when I pick the beans, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, chillies, blueberries and strawberries. The mandarin, lemon and pumpkin flowers are still being serenaded by those yellow and black striped busy buzzing super workers.

benevolent sun
seeds sprout in earth’s womb, I reap
the fruit of the earth


7 comments on “Creative February 7 – The fruit of the earth

  1. Such a beautiful post. I’m afraid our garden is sadly a ‘low maintenance’ one as it was previously owned by very elderly disabled lady. I am trying to liven it up with containers and I there are some fruit trees ~ but what can I do about all the gravel that covers every space? It looks like a giant pet graveyard.

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