No – Friday Fictioneers

(100-word flash fiction)


As she walks over the wooden bridge, the planks creak. It seems they are trying to say something, but she puts that thought aside, as she recalls the time, when as a child she had dived into the deep end of the pool. It had been so beautiful underwater, so quiet. She could have stayed there forever. But they had pulled her out, made her breathe again.

This time she hopes no one finds her. That she can stay underwater forever, having to breathe no more. When she realises with a start, the planks are saying, “no, no, no ….”


Friday Fictioneers prompt by Rochelle. Write a 100-word flash fiction piece based on a photo.

adamickes-boardwalkPhoto copyright – Adan Ickes

27 comments on “No – Friday Fictioneers

    • Thanks Rochelle. It is my first time on Friday Fictioneers. Enjoyed writing for it and the feedback was quite encouraging. Looking forward to more prompts. Keep up the great work! Jolly

      • Don’t be-stories which move your reader-to tears or laughter or any other emotion-is what we all writers aim at-so the credit goes to you:-) Re being a mermaid-unless she is going to be Ariel in Disneyland,I don’t know if that is a good life too,lol!

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