The trees

(100-word flash fiction for Friday Fictioneers)


The trees have taken over the earth. The humans thought they were on top of the pyramid. But all it took was one storm. Unknotted by lightning, unrolled by thunder, and rain. Unrelenting rain. The humans got buried under their own debris. The earth had turned into water, a liquid tomb, which softly sucked at all that flesh.

When it stopped, there were worms everywhere. In eye sockets that once had dreamt dreams, chest cavities where had throbbed hearts, pelvises that had borne generations. The trees had eaten the rest.

Their trunks are now beginning to look like human limbs.


100-word flash fiction for Friday Fictioneers at Rochelle’s. Written for the image prompt below.

Copyright-John Nixon


31 comments on “The trees

  1. Whew that is quite an effective use of gruesome imagery. I’m not sure exactly why, but this brought forth images of the infamous eruption of Mount Vesuvius. I know these are two completely different forces, so it must be the high number of casualties or nature’s use of their bodies that brought this image to my mind. Just thought I’d share. Great work!

  2. Dear Joyfulness, this was great imagery, but I won’t be sleeping anytime soon! Really good scenes in this that play over and over and over in my mind. You messed with my mind – but it is so good! Thanks for the entertainment! Nan 🙂

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