Lights! Camera! Action!

(100-word flash fiction in poem form)

Lights! Camera! Action!

How ardently she wished
to shut out those words
that followed her everywhere,
into the bath, into her dreams,

that pecked at her brain
like a cerebral woodpecker,
from age 3 to age 18
from child-star to super-star.

So, first she invited over
a deadly little virus,
it took with it her hearing
and most of her voice.

But she was too famous,
her mother too ambitious
the voices didn’t stop
the roles kept coming.

Then came the fall-
it cut up her face, broke
some bones, nothing
plastic surgery couldn’t fix

Finally, the fire did it…..


This week’s entry for Friday Fictioneers, that amazing group led and prompted by Rochelle 🙂 The prompt is the following image –

Studio Lights from Kent copyright-Kent Bonham