This being alive


This being alive
is a thing to celebrate

notice how
the heart marches
beat by pounding beat
regardless of
dusk or dawn
calm or storm
an unseen
unstopping soldier

notice how
the breath pulls us
stride by stride
inhale by exhale
a spectral charioteer
horses unseen
this carriage temporal
sometimes weary
sometimes strong

notice how
each heartbeat
is a milestone
a silent victory
exulting in us
every second
each breath a stitch
and stitch by stitch
a life is sewn

how can we not celebrate?

knowing that
bits of stars
abide in us
waiting to reveal
celestial light

knowing our home
this blue jewel
is hurtling through space
in the company of giants
nestled in a galaxy

this being alive
is a thing of pain

notice how
dreams shatter
life crumbles
people leave
and people die
you fail and fall again
but this you know
at your very core
you are unbreakable

how can we not celebrate
when life waits within
to express itself
as love, as light
as grace

sit still
feel the life force
the inexplicable joy
that waits beneath
for the blossoming

this being alive
is a rising up, a setting out
a triumph over ennui and death
a casting off of darkness
a revealing of light