The Christmas present

(100 word flash fiction)

Santa has to walk. The Taliban have killed the reindeer. The elves have managed to escape. But, funding for the arms industry has made them redundant.

Mercifully, the kids nowadays only ask for iPhones.

He approaches the secluded house half covered in snow. In the dawn almost-light, he sees the boy outside the door only when he is up close.

“Merry Christmas, young man!”

He reaches into his bag, retrieves a slim case and holds it out to him.

The boy does not move. A sneer distorts his face.

“This is for babies. What I want is a real gun.”


Story for Friday Fictioneers, the flash-fiction group led by the lovely Rochelle. For the photo-prompt –


PHOTO © Dee Lovering




32 comments on “The Christmas present

  1. Santa needs to hook up a team of flying pigs. Perhaps the Taliban would leave them alone. Only in the Middle East would a child choose a gun over an iPhone.

    • Great idea about the flying pigs 🙂 My friend from Ghana has commented that child soldiers with real guns is happening there right now. And gun control in the US is lax and some kids do use guns, so the problem is more widespread than it appears to be.

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