Too young to wed – 2


After I had written Too young to wed and was agonising about all the child brides and how helpless I felt, it occurred to me that there was another side to the story – the husband’s side. I had to write another story just to look at things from his side too. I confess, I couldn’t see very clearly (being female and not being from that culture).


(110 word flash fiction)

Khalid flops to his side. Lovemaking with Saida is always dissatisfying. Firstly, she doesn’t move. Then, she is so small. Guilt stabs at his heart. He shouldn’t have married someone so young.

But, her uncle had begged until he had relented. After all, he was saving her from possible rape and ruin. He had given her a ‘married woman‘ status. And now, the chance to be a mother.

Smug satisfaction wipes away the guilt. Saida gets up and leaves. ‘Ungrateful wretch! Crying all the time.’

Sleep clouds his brain as clouds obscure the moon just as the thought is forming that his child and wife could both go to school.


My second story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods

PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods

29 comments on “Too young to wed – 2

  1. The child bride situation is a disturbing one. Of course even in Western culture it used to be considered perfectly normal for a much older man to marry a girl in her early teens.
    I think some of the men who take child brides might indeed think they are doing the girl a favor. I think your story is very realistic.

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  2. The chance to be a mother….hmmm…as if she has a choice. It was a great idea to show the other side. I’ll admit I can’t understand this situation very well either, because it’s so far removed from me. You shed a good light on it. Well done, Jolly.

  3. I can’t sympathize, sorry. He’s among those who have power. Those in power determine customs. Those in power are the ones who could make changes. He doesn’t, nor do the other men.

    • I was not trying to evoke sympathy. Just presenting another viewpoint. Most people who wield power use it to their advantage and would not want to change the status quo. Think large banks, pharma companies, multinationals, the list is huge ….

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