The thief

(100 word flash fiction)

He pushed open the rusty gate and walked calmly to the crumbling house.

He planned to overpower her when she opened the door, force her to open the safe and decamp with the loot.

But, the door was open. She was lying on the floor. Her breaths long and laboured. Each one like it was the last.

Should he run, or call for help?  

‘Who are you?” asked the emergency call operator.

The woman in an old photo on the wall looked just like the one in a photo he had carried in his wallet for 20 years.

“Her son.”


The fiction high I get with Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle, for the photo prompt below-

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

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29 comments on “The thief

  1. This sent shivers down my spine. I thought, maybe the thief does the right thing–which he did. But that he’s the son, who came to rob from his mother, makes this chilling and special. In a way, his mother saved him from a very bad path.

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