(100 word flash fiction)

Family gone, career over, there was nothing to live for.

And so, she stood at the bridge, the portal between this life and the next. Above her, dark clouds rolled. The sky was already in mourning.

The office farewell gift, a brooch the colour of sunrise, felt heavy in her hand. As though pinning her down, inexorably, to the fabric of life.

She felt a tug on her sleeve. A teenage girl in tatters. A baby on her hip. Begging.

Inside her heart, gears shifted and moved. A sunbeam shot through the clouds.

“Would you like a meal? A home?”


P.S. not entirely happy with this one, but the muse is cranky today 😦


Even though it’s not Friday yet, it’s that time of the week to be writing for Friday Fictioneers, the flash fiction group, led by the most able Rochelle, where we gather and write to a photo prompt, which this week is –

PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

43 comments on “Sunbeam

  1. I think sometimes the stories we agonize over are much better in the end than we think! I like this story. The ideas of the brooch tenuously pinning her onto the fabric of life, and the bridge being a portal between life and death, are really good images.

  2. I really like this one Joy. I see it as the girl in tatters asking the woman who is about to commit suicide if she would like a meal or a home. Usually it those with the least who are the most generous.

  3. Putting things in perspective always helps. I think this is a wonderful story, full of great lines. I find that when we have to wrestle with the muse, often the outcome is special, because of the extra attention we pay to the writing.

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