Minnie Mouse

(100-word flash fiction)

“Matt, come here!” His father’s shout shatters his glorious dream, in which a spaceship had landed beside his house, extended a long, metal arm into his pesky sister’s window, extracted her and shimmered out of view.

His mother’s staring at something on the table. Above the shaving foam over half his face, his father’s frown is ominous.

The object on the table whirrs, beeps and glows incandescent blue.

His brother, Mark, bursts into the room. “I can’t find Minnie anywhere. She’s gone missing.”

“Wowser!” His grin is wicked. “It wasn’t a dream. They took Minnie and left a mouse instead.”


Come Friday, (or almost) it’s time to write a piece of flash fiction for the eclectic group Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle.

PHOTO PROMPT - © Marie Gail Stratford

Photo Copyright: Marie Gail Stratford

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