(100 word flash fiction)

Her fingers turn into icicles as the cold claws into her body replacing the oozing blood. Soft snowflakes petal down on her face.

He had walked up to her, this stranger, gun in shaking hand and shot her.

There had been a vaguely familiar twist to his lips.

On the curtain of the dark sky, her life begins to unfold rapidly in reverse until it halts in recognition on a younger, thwarted, bitter face.

A dark face peers down at her, cutting off  the snowfall.

“Ma’am. The ambulance will be here soon.”

With her last breath, she exclaims, “Andrew Parker!”


*** feeling a bit flat creatively, so couldn’t come up with anything better this week 🙂 Looking forward to reading all the other delectable stories …. 🙂 ***

… that our dear shepherdess Rochelle orchestrates every week  🙂

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter