(100-word flash fiction)

She awakes feeling as though lying on a bed of nails. Needles of pain highway through her body.

A terrible thirst assails her. Strangely, the bedside bottle of water is missing.

She barefoots towards the kitchen. The floor feels shockingly grimy to the clean-freak spinster she is.

The remnants of a meal still sit on the dining table, but alarmingly the setting is for two. She never received visitors.

Feeling faint with dread, she trudges back to bed.

The usually undisturbed other side of the bed looks tousled and slept in.

Sleeping on her side of the bed is. Herself.


Just the other day I was thinking that it’s about time I wrote a horror story. Not a genre I know much about as I don’t read or watch horror. So, here’s my humble first attempt 🙂

To read the boss lady and all of her minions’ stories 🙂 please head over to Rochelle’s page and follow the Froggy link.

Photo prompt –

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

28 comments on “Nightmare

  1. I really love your word choices–the phrase “pain highway through her body” is extremely and the use of “barefoots” as a verb is brilliant. And that ending, wow. This is yummy psychological horror, since I don’t know a lot of people who aren’t at least a bit scare of the self that lurks within.

  2. Like Rochelle, I took it that she woke to discover she was dead. The two plates at the table is still a mystery. I also like your usage of nouns for verbs. Very creative.

  3. I have to echo most of the others in liking your use of nouns as verbs… barefoots is a good one! Good psychological thriller, indeed!

  4. I agree with Neil the use of nouns as verb threw me a bit. I did like barefooted though. It was a chilling psychological story.

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