The call

(100-word flash fiction)

The phone rang at the oddest hours. At night when she was asleep.

It was always a child, whispering plaintively, sometimes frantically but in a strange language. She was sure it was a prank, someone mimicking a child’s voice to pester her. The next time, however, an adult shout was heard followed by the sound of a slap and whimpering.

She decided to record the call. She had to wait for two months.

She then spent the rest of the night on Google Translate which translated, “Save me from these people. Help me find my parents. Please come rescue me.”


I had the good intention of writing a nice, happy story. But my mind got hijacked by a post I read about men stalking and grooming young pre-teens with the criminal intention of sexual predation. We might write what we think are dark and dismal stories but the reality, it seems, is far more unfathomably dangerous than what we can imagine.

However, on a lighter note. I am much grateful to the lovely Rochelle for providing the space and platform for all of us Friday Fictioneers to meet and write 😁

Photo prompt –

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

24 comments on “The call

  1. A great take. I was gripped and found myself empathising with both the recipient and the caller. I’m really keen to know whether the recipient contacted the police and what happened next, but of course we’ll probably never know.

  2. This was very grim, dark and disturbing. Very well written. I guess the receiver of the call has to do something about it right? after all the child has been calling her number only.

  3. Hearbraking. And so well written. You’re right, reality is a lot worse than what most of us can come up with in fiction.

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