(100-word flash fiction)

She didn’t know when her heart had turned into stone.

She remembered the first walls, built purely in self defense, to shield her sensitive heart. She even decorated them with plastic smiles and forced cheerfulness. But, unknown to her they began to thicken.

She met everyone on the outside, playacting friendliness. Flirting with men, but not knowing how to give her heart away. Because, eventually, even she didn’t have access to it.

Arthur had come, stayed briefly, called her a ‘stone-hearted goddess’ and left.

Yes, she had a heart of stone.

Until, she found the abandoned baby in the dumpster.


It’s that time of the week when we scratch the FF itch and conjure stories of all form and manner in 100-words all of which presided over by our ever gracious hostess Rochelle. 🙂


39 comments on “Stone-heart

  1. This was beautifully crafted and put together. Your character had great credibility and there was a real gentleness to the story, which I loved. Well done!
    xx Rowena

  2. Good, chilling ending with some actual hope for the girl … and maybe the baby (since it wasn’t indicated it was not alive). You showed how turning to stone really hurts the individual on the inside. Nice work, Joy!

  3. Stone hearts take many years and many layers to perfect. All it takes is one “walls of Jericho” event to tear them down.

    Well done on this prompt. Apt in our world today.

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