Triple trouble



The sudden sound startled him. For, he was alone.

Whooshing sounds like the sound of soft fabric rustling, followed.

He freaked out when he began to hear an almost indistinct, thin, crawling, creepy voice.

“ have to make do ….” “not much flesh on this one …..” “to feed…..”

He looked down at the book he was reading, his study material for his Ph.D. dissertation, on schizophrenia.

No, it couldn’t be. He was so normal, he was boring.

A long ‘Whoooooosh’ made him look up.

The suspended spider was the last thing he saw, it front legs pointing at him.


I started out with the above story and I thought it is not very original. So, I asked for another one. I got two more. The good thing about composing stories when you are in the shower is that they come pouring out of the water faucet 🙂 You may stop reading, or keep on reading (at your own peril) 🙂

Rochelle, please don’t think I am trying to pass off a 300-word story as 3 100-word stories. That was not my intent at all 🙂 They came to me during different times of the shower 🙂



There were spiders everywhere.

They were in various colours. Black, yellow, brown, white.

The large ones strode on all eights, powerful and tyrannical. The littler ones walked behind them on their sixes carrying insect parts between their fore legs, feeding the large ones when they turned and opened their mouths.

“Hey!” “You!”  He turned to see a large spider behind him, looking belligerent.

“What colour are you? You have to have a colour.”

He looked down at his body. It was a featureless grey.


Everything stopped and a mad stampede towards him began.

“Ding-dong,” said the door-bell.



It was Spinne, the friendly neighbourhood video guy.

“Here are all the Spiderman videos we had, Mr.Webb. We are closing down and I know how much you love Spiderman. You can have them.”

“Thanks! All the best with your new business”

No Netflix for him tonight. He was going to Spiderman-binge.

The video player was dusty and after ten minutes of fiddling, it was attached. The oldest video went in with a whoosh. He pressed the ‘Play’ button.

The lights flickered, then dimmed.

Out of the video player, there poured a steady stream of spidery shapes, marching resolutely towards him.


I can imagine we will be getting a fair share of horror stories this week at Friday Fictioneers 🙂 Head over to Rochelle’s page for the rules for participating and to read her story.

32 comments on “Triple trouble

  1. That’s a productive shower! Of the three I thought the first one strongest – the idea of someone studying schizophrenia and then suffering from it makes for an intriguing character.

  2. You’ve written three fun stories about spiders, but I think the best of all was your description of how you wrote them in the shower. I love the idea that stories come pouring out of the water faucet!

  3. Dear Joyful,

    Some of my best ideas come in the shower…either that or when I’m swimming. Perhaps it’s the water that gets things flowing. 😉 I think the third one is my favorite although I’d hate to have that happen when I was watching a video..



    • Thanks Rochelle. Yes, there’s something about water and also the fact that you are not distracted by anything else that sets the inspiration flowing. But yes, water is magical like that 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha ha.
    Three for the price of one,
    Means triple the fun!

    If you don’t mind me asking, how long does your shower go on? But I get what you’re saying, most of my stories too get fleshed out in the shower only.

  5. That was fun. Three separate stories for the price of one… There must be something in the water. I get mine on walks and occasionally actually remember them! 😉

  6. Wonderful and wonderfully written stories. I bow to thee. 🙂
    The last one was really spooky with all the lovely beings pouring out of the player. I really liked the second one too. Thanks for the great deal. 🙂🙂

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