(100-word flash fiction)

Shell-shocked, devastated, lost.  Amazed, was she that these words just floated through her mind without the corresponding feeling.

He was warm in her arms, soft and surrendering, asleep blissfully.

Blissful, content, fulfilled, alive – she had felt those not long ago. Her heart full to brimming. Joyous.

Now, her mind wandered outside her body, adrift, turning over words as though a child would pebbles, looking at them curiously, looking for clues.

Until it found two that fitted so perfectly, it decided to keep them forever.

Irrevocably. Broken.

That’s how she finally felt holding the freshly dead body of her baby.


My brother lost a few days old baby many years ago. I had wondered then, how the mother would have felt. I guess it cannot be imagined.


Another Wednesday, and it’s time for flash fiction fun at the Friday Fictioneers all captained by the gracious Rochelle. I know someone is going to say there’s nothing ‘just joyfulness’ about this story. Well, what can I say?

Photo prompt –

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook