How to anger Farmer Gayer

(100-word flash fiction)


No answer.

“Hoi! You farmer in overalls!”

Still no answer!

“Hey! You grave digger!”

Deep, deafening silence!

Excruciatingly slowly, he straightens up and turns his head in my direction, like in slow motion.

Then, in the space of a blink, this jetstream of mud is flying in my direction, landing all over me and embracing me with cloying intimacy.

“Ha! That’s better” says he, surveying me with satisfaction.

“What was that about?” I stammer, spitting mud from my mouth.

“That’s a better colour!”


“That’s what you get when you turn up in these parts dressed all in purple.”


I must confess, this week’s prompt didn’t prompt any stories from the muse and I had given up. Hence my rather lame attempt. But I did enjoy all the digs in the stories I’ve read so far. Such a kindly crowd is the Friday Fictioneers , even our digs are kind, and so is our kindly hostess Rochelle 🙂 ♥


PHOTO PROMPT © Connie Gayer