(100-word flash fiction)

She stood in the centre of a small gathering, in the park, playing as usual.

Moonlight glinted off the bow, the strings, her golden hair, as though light was turning into notes into little waves of joy, into a loosening of his pain, into tiny glimpses of a smile.

He listened, becoming a little boy, helplessly watching his mother play, waiting for his father, who never came home.

On the subway ride home, he finally gets to read through the newspaper. A small column informs him, “The brilliant violinist Aurora has been mugged and killed in the park last night.”


It’s Wednesday again when an eclectic group of writers gather around the Friday Fictioneers fire to tell short stories, all prodded by the Girl Guide in Purple, Rochelle 🙂

Photo prompt –

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


(100-word flash fiction)

Genre : Modern Shakespearian tragedy spoof

Hamlet sits by the boat, indecisive. Pulled out of the canal, plants still clinging to her body, Ophelia looks like a marble statue.

She opens one eye by a sliver, espies Hamlet and thinks derisively, “I am so over this indecisive fool. He thinks I am dead.”

She relaxes into musing, “It’s all planned. Laertes will come in the night and dig me out. That dude Othello looks promising. No dithering for him. The speed with which he killed Desdemona was impressive. Must check out his relationship status.”

Finally, Hamlet moves. He turns to Horatio and mumbles. “Burial at sea.”


Written for Friday Fictioneers for the photo prompt below –

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria