Both sides

(100-word flash fiction)

Everyday, as she walks past, Lila admires the house. Gleaming in the sunlight, it looks so warm and welcoming, so totally unlike her old, dingy shack. She imagines a house filled with bustle and laughter.

Inside the house, the air hardly moves as Maya sits at the window, in her wheelchair, watching the passing girl. She drinks in her spritely walk, her jaunty ponytail sashaying in the sunlight, her intense gaze, almost daring her to walk.

Months later, she tells her surprised doctor, “She willed me to walk, that girl who sent me waves of joyous energy down her gaze.”


I wanted to write something uplifting, in contrast to the somber mood of the winter we are in. Leafless trees and frost. And I do believe in the tremendous power of our thoughts to change our reality. Returning once again to the eclectic group of Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle 🙂



26 comments on “Both sides

  1. You’ve constructed your story well. Reading how Lila admired the house and imagined the bustle and laughter within immediately made me think that it wouldn’t be like that. And you didn’t disappoint; it wasn’t. You had a girl in a wheelchair.
    But what I didn’t expect was for the sadness within to be transformed by the waves of joyous energy projected by Lila. Lovely twist, and lovely positive conclusion.
    Well written, Jolly!

    • Thanks so much Penny. We create our own reality, sometimes we need an external impetus, even if it is imagined 🙂 Like Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than reality.” 🙂

  2. I liked how Lila saw something that wasn’t there, but it gave her hope. Maya saw something she did not have and that gave her the will to get it. I liked your story.

    Winter you say, where do you live. It is Summer here in Friday Harbor, the place of this photo.

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