(100-word flash fiction)

She had seen pictures of these semi-museums. Now, she was standing in one.

“It would have been odd,” she mused, “to eat in public, with people watching. Could I have licked my fingers? Burp?” She had to worry about none of that. Eating out meant the food arrived at her doorstep with the click of a few buttons.

Yet, there was festivity in this setting, even pomp, as though the act of eating was worthy of celebration. She imagined the hum of voices, scents rising from sweltering plates, the communality of the experience.

All of which stopped in 2020.

Returning to FF after a long, long time.  Been busy changing countries, restarting business, finding my bearings. It’s good to start writing again. Thanks Rochelle for continuing to continue and so ably that too. Looking forward to reading all the other FFs 🙂

Photo prompt –

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson