(100-word flash fiction)

Tracey is overjoyed. Justin’s lunch boxes are coming back empty. And he’s also putting on weight. She attributes it to the fully eaten lunches. But why the sudden change?

Finally, she asks casually, “You seem to be extra hungry at school these days. Been doing more sports?”

“Mmm…mmmm, not really!”

“Well! You’ve been polishing off all your lunches of late.”

And innocent 7-year old that he is, he blurts out. “We found this strange machine in the woods behind the school. You put your lunchbox in and the food turns into whatever you ask for, like burgers and pizzas.”


After some reluctance from the muse, it delivered two stories. This one is rather playful, even whimsical after that super serious one I did before. To read Rochelle’s story and all other FF contributions, head here.


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


25 comments on “Lunchbox

  1. Where the hell was that when I was a kid? Now, I’m much more appreciative of the healthy food, but I still enjoy a good pizza or burger. Good take. Very creative.

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