The last chip

(100-word flash fiction)

She bit into the last chip, its salty crispiness flooding her mouth. She was so ravenous for comfort that she forgot.

It was only when he entered the room that she remembered. The last of everything was to be ALWAYS his, the last cookie, the last piece of cake, the last chip.

“I was hungry,“ she stammered, as he examined the packet, almost banal in its emptiness.

The first blow caught her in mid-whimper.  The second landed her on the floor. The boot knocked her out.

The lock-down is on. No one will see her bruises for a long time.


Domestic violence cases have gone up by more than 20% since the lock-down started. Violence is so much on the mind, I couldn’t find any playfulness 😦


I hope all of you in the US are safe. Thanks Rochelle for hosting the fabulous Friday Fictioneers fabulously, as always.


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53 comments on “The last chip

  1. People put up with terrible situations. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in that situation even before lock-down began. Well done.

  2. I knew he was going to hurt her. And yes, the lockdown works in the jerk’s favor, just as masks work for the looters and other criminals. Sad times.

  3. Domestic violence is a campaign that begins long before the victim is aware of what’s going on. By then it often is too late. If our institutionalized houses of power took it seriously there would be plentiful places of protection. I’m sure the lockdown has been a cause for celebration for batterers. Thank you for your story.

  4. Speaking of painting a grim picture well, well done. I hadn’t seen that stat. It makes sense though. Tensions are high. Mix that with seclusion, and that’s not a good situation for a violent person. I’m sure it’s harder than usual for a victim to escape now. Not that it’s ever easy. It’s sad.

  5. Oh, Jolly, I’m so sad that you have suffered this as reality. I suspected as much when you quoted the controlling rule, “The last of everything was to be ALWAYS his, the last cookie, the last piece of cake, the last chip.” That was totally authentic..
    Really well written story on a deeply important matter.

    • Thanks Penny. Yes, unfortunately I did go through it, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I learnt a lot of important life lessons afterwards and it made my resolve to help women in similar situations stronger.
      Thanks for such a lovely, compassionate comment 🙂

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