The dream-catcher

(100-word flash fiction)

Happy as a lark he is, going about his dream-catcher’s job. Capturing dreams that people gave up, and safeguarding them until they wished to rekindle their dream, when he would give it back.

His is the dream job but secretly he sometimes wished people didn’t give up so easily on their dreams.

Today, he almost quit.

This dream had floated up, light-blue and translucent, all dolphin playfulness, gamboling like a frisky puppy, making him give chase until, laughing, he caught it. And then, dream and he, tripped and fell. And it broke.

An orphan’s dream it was, to be adopted.


A little whimsy and a tad sad after a not-too-good day. Thanks Rochelle for keeping us on track with working out our fiction-writing muscles 🙂 Lovely photo, I wonder if Jean made it himself / herself.



53 comments on “The dream-catcher

  1. Beautiful and heartbreaking. I do believe, however, that there is such a thing as dream-tape. It glues back broken ones, and makes them better and stronger than before …

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