(100-word flash fiction)

Grandma turned blind the day Grandpa died. It was a big mystery considering her vision used to be quite good.

She had been alone with him that day.

When we got there, Grandpa was gone and she was sitting beside him, her face bathed in beatific light, her vision completely gone. As though she had been given sight just to watch him live.

On her death-bed, she told us the secret.

“As Grandpa lay dying, he began to burst with the light of a thousand suns. He turned into an angel.  From then on, that’s all I needed to see.”


Had a shot at magic realism. Marquez happens to be one of my favourite authors. Thanks Rochelle for your wonderful captaincy of the Friday Fictioneers ship ♥


Photo prompt –

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

56 comments on “Luminescence

  1. I think this is lovely. Instead of a metaphor, you told it “real.” I believe it and think it is a successful piece after the manner of Garcia Marquez, indeed.

  2. I’ve heard of being burned into one’s memory, but Grandpa took that a little too far.

    What are your favorite Márquez books? I’ve read “Love In The Time Of Cholera,” and have “One Hundred Years of Solitude” in my queue.

    • Depends on how you look at it. Grandma seemed quite happy afterwards 🙂

      Love in the Time ….. is, for me, the ultimate love story. One Hundred Years is a tour de force. A must-read. Maybe I’ll read it again. I have also read some of his short stories.

      • Grandma’s not looking at anything anymore. 🤣

        You sound like a reviewer. I thought Love In The Time Of Cholera was sad. I guess it was a happy ending, but they lost so much time. You’ve convinced me to bump up One Hundred Hears in my queue.

      • I am the opposite of a reviewer. I look at art as to how it has transformed me. It’s very subjective. Love that stands the test of time is true love. What has time got to do with love? One Hundred Years was quite transformational for me.

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