Broken eternity

(100-word flash fiction)

“We are for eternity” that was their mantra. The only vow they exchanged, ever.

His presence is almost palpable. His fingers on her skin, like wind caressing a lake, cascading ripples of pleasure. Rain like goosebumps on water, making her shiver.

“We were for eternity” she says aloud into the lonely night, hugging herself. “You broke your vow when you broke your neck.” Everyday for four years now this has been her mantra.

As if in answer, the room fills with flashes of lightning. Drumrolls chase each other across the skies.

“Ding!” says her phone. Tinder has found a match.


The lines in the photo did remind me of ripples and the untied eternity sign gave me the title. Thank you Rochelle, for another round of Friday Fictioneers. I hope everyone in the US enjoyed their Thanksgiving break, despite Covid. 🙂


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