(100-word flash fiction)


The feel of soft child-cheek pressed against her crinkly one.


The laughter, petty fights, uncoordinated singing, at family gatherings.


Her daughter’s daily phone calls to complain about her husband.


The unhappiness in her grand-daughter’s eyes and the lurking fear when her step-father was around.


The secret that young Noah hid from his parents which was slowly tearing him apart.


Her entire family on a cruise on which a bug came visiting, killing them all.

If only she had gone with them.

Her memories now slip-sliding from her grasp. Soon, they too will be gone.


I had wanted so badly to write a happy, playful, joyful story in line with Christmas but the muse didn’t oblige. I think my muse is Covid-obsessed ☹ A year ago this would have read like a horror story but now it reads like a true story. We live in such strange times.

Happy Holidays, dear fellow FFs. Eat, drink and be merry (with appropriate social distancing) 🙂 Thanks once again to the delightful Rochelle, for keeping FF going so expertly. ♥

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Copyright Trish Nankivell

14 comments on “Gone

  1. Yes, it does ring very true for far too many. A good story, though. A reflection of the time in which we are living. Dare I to wish you a “Merry” Christmas? Seems so hard to do this year, almost feels as if the sentiment falls flat. But, I do truly wish you the happiest Christmas you can muster this year. So, Merry Christmas! And here’s to hoping the new year is much much better than this one came to be. Shalom, Bear

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