Dream come true

(100-word flash fiction)

The potted palm has miraculously multiplied into a forest. My water bottle is now a waterfall, merrily splashing away, unconcerned about the carpet.

The bric-a-brac are flying birds and just when I am enjoying the dream, a voice says, “Nice, eh?”

I swivel to see emptiness.

“Make a wish!”


“Today’s your lucky day. Any wish you make will come true.”

“What do I wish for? I have everything, except …. except…. I hate going to office, to lazy co-workers, and a nincompoop boss.”


When I wake up, a lockdown has been declared.

I am still working from home.


Disclaimer : I certainly didn’t wish for the pandemic, but judging by reports that a lot of people enjoy working from home, it must have been in the collective consciousness for some time. Apparently, even the open-plan office setting is not good for productivity. But what do I care, I have the best job 🙂 And I get to write flash fiction every week, thanks to the lovely Rochelle 🙂

Photo prompt –

PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

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36 comments on “Dream come true

    • We will have to wait and see. IMHO, to spend a majority of one’s waking time with unchosen people instead of people we love and respect seems a bit extreme. Just because things are done a certain way does not mean it’s right. The pandemic is giving us the opportunity to question a lot of things.

    • My husband felt the same. He couldn’t wait to get back 🙂 For me, the introvert, it’s a dream come true! But I think we need to find a happy medium. To spend a major portion of our time with co-workers we haven’t chosen instead of people we love seems a bit wonky to me 🙂

  1. Dear Joy,

    I was going to say what Tanille said. 😉 Perhaps she should’ve wished for world peace and health. 😉 Not sure even a genie can grant that one. Well done.



  2. I like that take. I’ve worked from home for years and now it’s the “in” thing to do. Who could have guessed. I’ve tried working elsewhere, but it never ends well. So, home it is…

      • I had a brain injury that makes working even 4 hours a stretch. The more noise, commotion, people there is the harder it is for me. I was working childcare 4 hrs a day, but covid has the center shut down. I’m hoping to get a call back when/if they reopen. If not, I’ll stay home.

  3. I knew it. We made it happen, too many people wishing for the same thing at the same time… but as is always the case with wishes, it didn’t quite happen the way we wanted 🙂

  4. That’s why I never make a wish without first consulting a lawyer.

    Working from home is the next step in our evolution. It’s better for the environment, less stressful for employees, and saves companies money. I assume renting office space is expensive. Of course, that savings won’t trickle down to employees or consumers.

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