(100-word flash fiction)

His arms had been the bridge from her tormented world to his – calm, soothing, secure.  She had dived into his open, welcoming heart, as though rushing in from a raging blizzard into a warm home.

Together they had sailed, on new adventures, like jubilant, freed prisoners.

She didn’t know then that life is always a prison.

Now, all she feels is submergence.

Cold, suffocating waters of indifference press into her mind, nostrils, lungs. Sobs sit heavy-footed on her chest like tons of water. Words claw with shark teeth at her throat to break free.

Maybe, fire is the escape.


Life’s a bitch sometimes, (I do have great respect for the female of the canine species 🙂 but it sounds compelling somehow 😀 ) because it keeps me away from joining the fun at the weekly gathering of the eclectic group called Friday Fictioneers, all shepherded lovingly by the lovely Rochelle.

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Tears of the Moon

(100-word flash fiction)

“These are tears of the moon.” Alice’s voice is tremulous.

Jenny snorts. The seven-year old cynic, who no longer believes in Santa.

“The moon is sad because dolphins are dying.”

Jenny stops in mid-snort when she notices the tears in Alice’s voice.

“And whales too. And … and polar bears.” Alice’s tears are as clear and glassy as the drops on the leaf.

Then, 10-year old Jenny with her ‘Save Alice’ campaign, trying desperately to save a dying Alice.

Now, at 16, firebrand and founder of the organisation ‘Tears of the Moon”, valiantly trying to prevent wanton killing of animals.


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