Watcher – haiku

a coiled tense spring
the cat watches its victim
eat its last meal


Watchman – haiku

you watch over me
like a lighthouse, always there
forever shining


Watchkeeper – tanka

third watch of the night
the clock stops still in mid gong
Death has come calling

“your time is up” gaily says
that relentless watch keeper


For dVerse Poets prompt What does the watchman see?

Luscious with light – haiku

Sagittarius moon
full, pregnant, luscious with light
new beginnings


The moon laughing steals
my sleep. I give in gladly
to grand thievery


Visions meld with
poems written by moonlight
on naked skin


imagine being
moon-soaked / dream-drenched / ethereal


The moon does not know
it has entangled my soul
in webs of delight


I come undone
and then all of me is gone
only light is left


For the Tuesday Platform at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads