Luscious with light – haiku

Sagittarius moon
full, pregnant, luscious with light
new beginnings


The moon laughing steals
my sleep. I give in gladly
to grand thievery


Visions meld with
poems written by moonlight
on naked skin


imagine being
moon-soaked / dream-drenched / ethereal


The moon does not know
it has entangled my soul
in webs of delight


I come undone
and then all of me is gone
only light is left


For the Tuesday Platform at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

Waiting for the moon to rise


The azure horizon
is first lit up
by a white radiance
like a pale sunrise
or a sunset afterglow

I leave the drapes open
like a lovers’ signal
for a secret meeting
gazing out the window
shiny-eyed in anticipation

Clouds appear
silvery and succulent
like they have eaten the moon
are with bursting
with moonlight

An advance party
a nebulous cavalcade
pulling up the moon
from the pit of the horizon
on wispy reins

I grow impatient,
after all the moon is revolving
at this crazy speed
and yet it makes me
wait and wait

But all good things in life
take their time
when I look up there it is
all bashful, borrowed light
limpid, liquid smile

pouring into me
I understand now
why the seas heave
their forever sighs



The bleating sheep

the river flows placid
clattering over the pebbles
as cicadas tone down
their fervid cadences
and quieten for the night

on a tiny patch of farm
across the road
a sheep bleats into the night
I worry about it,
is it thirsty? is it hurt?

it strikes me as odd
that I worry about a sheep
while in parts of the world
people die of hunger
and children get robbed
of their souls
bit by bit day after day
by abuse

I keel over with helplessness
by the enormity of it all

“answer me, you answer me”
I beseech an unseen God
“surely there must be a reason”

‘you tell me’ he retorts right back
“why human beings are so intent
on hurting one another.
why do they lock up the love
that is their real nature
and embrace fear, you tell me”

I keel over in defeat
silenced into submission
by the stark truth of it

“maybe your creation is flawed
maybe you wired us all wrong”
I use a rallying point

“maybe you prefer to be blind
else why would you court darkness
when you are in reality
nothing but pure beings of light”

“so how do we begin to see?”

“stop thinking and just be
realise who you are really”

I am floored by the simplicity of it

The sheep has stopped bleating
the cicadas are quiet
a resplendent full moon
admires its shimmering image
on the singing rippling water


Moon song

Moon shot

Moon song


The moon dreamt a dream for me,
a lilting soliloquy,
Of end of war, it sang to me,
of nations living in harmony.
Of lands flush with prosperity,
and greed erased permanently.
Where man with peace with nature be,
the Earth walked upon tenderly.

Of children smiling happily,
of want, abuse, forever free.
Of freedom for all, equality,
abundance, and end to poverty.
Yes, the moon sang this melody,
in trilling tones, so joyously,
my heart, it leapt in ecstasy,
at this dream it dreamt so lovingly.