Ode to a white mug

365-165 Ode to a white mug

It had almost been
a wedding gift,
this mug, milky white,
not quite translucent,
with traces of tulips.
The husband had said,
“The green one is mine,
you can have this.”
Our first sharing, perhaps,
apart from the rings.

Morning after morning
my lips curl around
its glistening, curving rim,
like a secret kiss.
Steam and smell
serenade my senses,
as liquid flows into me
like a warm caress,
wiping away troubling,
traces of nightmares.

I had taken it with me
on a holiday once,
lain it among my clothes.
The thought of drinking
from a strange cup
had seemed askance.
Like wearing
someone else’s clothes,
or waking up to find
a stranger in my bed.

As I hold in now,
seeping in its warmth,
I begin to wonder.
Have I ever seeped out?
My breath whispering,
dissolving into those curves.
If someone were
to take it to their lips,
would it sing out to them,
my sonorous secrets?



For the dVerse Poet prompt ‘Everyday objects”


26 comments on “Ode to a white mug

  1. I like how you showed why and how a simple mug became so precious for you. We all have at least one such object. But I think nobody can fully share its deepest meaning.

  2. Those shared things and experiences so quickly turn into more than they every could be alone. This is a beautiful, loving poem to me. These mugs represent so much more.

  3. Mine is an old barrel mug. I bought it at a yard sale for a quarter and I have had it nearly 10 years now. It fits the hand well and warms. I know the love of a mug.

  4. Ha, I understand the attachment to a particular coffee cup with a history. I used to have a plastic Panera mug that I would use day after day. Couldn’t imagine drinking coffee in something else. It eventually wore out, and I moved on. No more such a creature of habit with my coffee drinking, but I do have my favorites. It sounds as if your mug has shared a lot of history with you & vice versa. I am sure you would be heartbroken if it broke.

  5. Had to smile at this one. I like plain white bone china mugs, too – same shape as yours, so my lips know exactly how the curve fits! Methinks we have much in common…

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