(100-word flash fiction)

She knew he would come. She had not expected flowers though. And chocolates.

She almost lost her resolve.

The charm was in place, the smoothness had not lost any of its silkiness. The dimples almost lifted her off the bed into his arms. Thank goodness her leg was broken.

“Sorry!” he said. “Faking it again,” she thought.

“Here, have some coffee!” she offered the Styrofoam cup from the hospital tray.

He took it as though it was the forgiveness she never gave.

“It helps,” she thought, “to have a nurse best friend. They know how to spike coffee with cyanide.”


After some very hectic work weeks, I am back. Good to start writing and reading all your stories again 😊 Good to visit your page again, Rochelle

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PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Eames

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50 comments on “Forgiveness

  1. Dear Joy,

    Welcome back. Why do I get the feeling he had something to do with her broken leg? Guess he’s about to get his reward. I love the description of his dimples could lift her off the bed. Nicely done.



  2. Deadly drink by faking the leg injury.
    Planned revenge is successful, but what next? Police should have handled this…
    My story also has the protagonist faking it 🙂

  3. Coffee and cyanide. Just as effective as arsenic and old lace. I think that coffee is “forgiveness” well earned.

    It’s nice to have you back. I’ve wondered where you’ve been.

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