(100-word flash fiction)

She grabbed the red-ink pen as though it was a dagger.

The blank, white page looked like a virgin, innocent and waiting.

When she put pen to paper, words flowed as though blood were pouring from her fingers. Her mother’s words were dim in her memory, “words can heal or they can kill.”

She didn’t care. For her these words were like a vicious blood clot, cutting off supply to her life, choking, almost killing her. Blood had to be let.

And hand delivered.

She drove to his house. Outside, there was an open ambulance with a covered body inside.


Glad to be back writing for the Friday Fictioneers orchestrated by the lovely Rochelle. I think I got on the bandwagon a bit early this week 🙂

Photo-prompt below –

PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Sheldon

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49 comments on “Pen

  1. Dear Joyful,

    Was it coincidence or red pen voodoo. Perhaps he was a jerk and Karma caught up to him. Either way, good story with a twisted ending. Nicely done.



  2. Written in Blood, comes to mind. Writing can heal just as it can kill… that all depends on who is bleeding. LOL! Love the write!

  3. You know… it’s kind of ironic that your name is JustJoyFulness 😉
    Good thing she was bringing the note after he died… would have looked quite suspicious, methinks! The tension was great here.

  4. You’ve given us a clear illustration of how anguish and anger make a bloody ink! Like others, I thought of voodoo, too. But now that he’s gone, will she miss him? Will she wish she’d got there sooner? Or will she be glad she never delivered that letter? Keep writing. 🙂

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