(100-word flash fiction)

She put the last firefly into the jar and closed the lid.

Twilight had quickly turned into night in the woods. Holding the jar up to let the glowing light from her captives guide her she pushed forwards.

Light glowed from windows in the distance. Soon, she would be home.

That’s when she saw it. A huge firefly, meandering lazily to her right.

‘Ah! The prize catch,’ she thought as she stepped towards it.

Her hand closed in on a cold metal object on the other side of which was a sneering face.

“What have you got there, little girl?”


I have been getting comments about the incongruity of my blog name and the dark nature of some of my stories. Here’s my take on it. Joy, peace, love are states of being and is our essential nature. It’s like the sun, always there, even when we cannot see it. Emotions like despair, anger, jealousy etc are transitory. Like dark clouds that obscure the sun. They come and go but the sun stays like our true nature which is that of joy and love. Therefore, I will always be Just Joyfulness 😀 (Phew! That turned out to be mini-post 🙂 )

Thank you Rochelle for so ably orchestrating the Friday Fictioneers gathering. Thanks to the weekly prompt, I get to keep my writing pencils and wits sharpened.


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41 comments on “Firefly

  1. Hey, anybody can write anything regardless of how they are perceived. Which reminds me, the fireflies are out right now. The story comes out and goes BOO! at me. I would have awakened upright if that had been a dream. YIKES!

  2. Great story!! I love the tension at the end there, it’s really good. I completely understand your comments about joy at the end there, too; joy can only exist with its opposition, and both are a part of life, inexplicable and inseparable.

  3. The time of fireflies is just ending where I live. What a lovely beginning and dark ending, I love it. Andhow boring to only always write joyful stories. Life is not like that, and we need to be aware of darkness to appreciate the light.

  4. I felt the menace in this story, rather like Little Red Riding Hood. But your story feels more right for todays readers

  5. I agree the beginning a lovely tale which brought back happy memories and then bam that last line changed everything. There was a Red Riding Hood feel to this. Well done.

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